Batty Dogs Indoor Play Park

Secure Indoor play park full of fun-filled activities for your dogs to enjoy & Let off a little steam! 


Benefits of our Indoor Play Park -


Using our indoor play facilities your pet is much more protected against tick and other parasites found in fields and outside areas!

NO Natural distractions ....

Have you ever been in the middle of a training session or a quiet play when suddenly a bird or animal distracts your pet and breaks all focus? Are they scared of birds etc. Cut out all natural distractions. 

Toilet Facilities on site 

Full male and female Toilet facilities available for guests.  Including hot & cold water and hand washing & Sanitizing areas. 

Come Rain or Shine! 

Who wants to be in a Soddy wet field with no cover on a cold or snowy day? Never have to cancel a play date again with full weather control in our indoor park. Never too hot for summer sessions or too cold for winter play! Training, play or agility all year long. There's even tea and coffee making facilities! How good is that!!  

Bye Bye Muddy Paws 

Muddy Paws and dirty cars are a thing of the past! You won't find any muddy puddles or dirt in our park to save your poor car. No grass stains or grass/ foliage eating either. Our areas are also great for dogs that suffer from allergies from grass or pollen!

Pet Shop Next door! 

Forgotten your training treats or favorite ball? Don't worry! Our pet shop is right next door for anything and everything you would need. Staff next door can also assist you with any questions or problems you might encounter.  

Disabled Friendly 

Our facilities are much more accessible than your ordinary field hire. We have a large access door to accommodate larger wheelchairs or equipment. Our areas are all hard concrete and wheelchair friendly. Please note depending on the access needed our toilet doors may be too small for some wheelchairs. We recommend you view the building prior, if concerned about access. 

Fully Secure Facility

Our Park is fully secure inside with zero chance of your pet digging out or finding a hole in a fence. Arrive in our private compound carpark and park outside. Lead your pet into the building (on lead), close the main door and security fence and let your pup have free range fun!

Term's & Conditions

These are the term's & conditions associated with private use of our facilities and must be followed at all times when using or premises. Failure to follow these terms can result in you being refused hire in the future. We reserve the right to block bookings from term's & Condition rule breakers. 

  • You must only use the indoor park on your pre-paid allotted time slot, please leave swiftly after your time slot to allow the next customer to use the premises. If you are visiting the pet shop next door after you time slot could you please move your vehicle to the side for the next customer to park in front of the doors for easy access. 
  • Please do not bring reactive dogs to the area without a muzzle for public areas. We understand some dogs might need alone play because they do not like others but please be responsible when taking your dog inside or outside in the public areas. Do not let your dog run around in the compound car park. If your dog has received any police warnings or been involved in any incidents they are not allowed on-site.  
  • A Maximum of 2 cars per booking is allowed on site unless pre-authorized by the owner 
  • If you arrive early and the area is in use please park to one side and wait until your time slot or the previous user has left before entering the building. 
  • Please leave promptly after your timeslot, your timeslot includes getting your dog(s) into your vehicle and leaving the premise. 
  • You MUST clean up after your dog both inside and outside the building. Poo Bags and cleaning equipment is available around the site. With our areas being indoors you must also clean your dogs urine up with equipment supplied. We recommend exercising your dog before entering so they can relieve themselves. Please note regular checks are taken and any person found to be regularly leaving mess will be refused hire.  
  • Please do not use the bins provided to dispose of anything other than poo bags and cleaning products used. If you bring any food or drinks please dispose of these at home. 
  • If  your dog(s) have been unwell in the last 2 weeks (diarrea, sickness, cough etc.) DO NOT bring them to the site. We do not give refunds but can organize a rescheduled date. 
  • All dogs brought to the premise MUST have been vaccinated with the correct protection. Kennel cough vaccine is a benefit. Proof of this will need to be shown to the staff before entry is allowed. Regular flea and worming is requested when using our premises. 
  • Please do not climb/sit (or allow your children to) on any of our equipment or agility toys these are for dogs only. We have plenty chairs available on site for use. 
  • All children must be accompanied with an adult 18+ and must be under constraint supervision. 
  • Please do not take any toys home from the premises make sure all toys are back into the box before leaving. 
  • If there are any problems with the toys or equipment please let us know so we can repair or remove them.
  • Do Not use the premises for professional use or paid gatherings without permission. 
  • Group Session Terms & Conditions- 
  • Do not bring your dog to group sessions in they are in season, unsociable or reactive as you will be asked to leave the group.
  • In group sessions we do not allow bullying or boisterous dogs. We want the session to be fun for all dogs involved.
  • Please make sure your dog is trained and socialized before coming to a session and don't use sessions are training tools (unless involved in a puppy greet session).
  • Any dog that is showing worrying behavior will be warned and put back on a lead to calm down, if the behavior continues you will be asked to leave for the benefit of the other dogs in the session. 
  • By Booking with us you are agreeing to our terms and conditions policy.  

Disclaimer -

The Owner(s)/Supervisor(s) of the dog(s) use Batty Dogs indoor play park and associated areas at their own risk. The management does not accept liability for any accident, injury, misadventure or damage to person, animal or property however so incurred.

Service Prices

Our Price list and what's included in the price! 

60 Min Private Hire 


For private you and your dog time 

What's Included ? .. 

Private use of all the indoor facilities 

On-site Parking for up to 2 Vehicles

Tea & Coffee available 


60min Playdate Session Ticket


Join in with one our of great planned sessions 

What's Included ? .. 

Ticket for 1 Dog and up to 2 people for one of our specially created playdate sessions with up to 6 dogs.

Group sessions include - Puppy meet & Greet, Same Breed sessions, 12mths + Juniors, Agility Club plus many more!

On-site Parking for up to 1 Vehicle

Dog Treats Bag

Tea & Coffee available 


60 Min Private Hire  Dog Party


Private dog party time for up to 6 dogs

What's Included ? .. 

Private use of all the indoor facilities for up to 6 dogs

On-site Parking for up to 6 Vehicles

Dog Treats Bags for 6 Dogs

Birthday banners and decorations

Tea & Coffee  and Biscuits available